Race FAQs

Q. When can children and families sign up to race?
A. Parents or guardians must register children to participate online at www.junglegymrace.com or on the day of the race. We can only guarantee that the first 499 children registered online will get to race. If you register at the event, you will have to wait until registered racers have completed the course.
Q. Where do children and families check in for the JungleGym 2016 race?
In Jefferson Park by the basketball courts
Q. Can our students compete as a team?
Yes, when the first parent registers, there will be an option to start a team. After the team name is listed, it will be available in a drop-down menu for all racers to select. Notify your schoolmates that you are competing under one team name so that they register to compete together.
Q. Is this an actual race?
A.  Yes, there will be different waves of 5 racers going every five minutes. Racers will be on there own as they navigate through the course. This is also a timed race, each race wave will have different wrist bands and each racer in that color wave will have a different letter so its easy to record start and end times.
Q. What does the active living fair involve?
A. The active living fair will involve different games, local health and grassroots organization tabling, a rock climbing wall, face painting, and arts and crafts.
Q. How do I host an active living fair station?
Complete the form at the end of this packet and follow submission instructions.
Q. How do I get to JungleGym 2016?
A. Take the 6 train to 116th Street. Walk East to First Avenue, South to 114th Street, East to the last entrance into Jefferson Park by the basketball courts. 
Q. How long do we have to complete the obstacle course challenge?
A. The due date will be June 8th, 2016. A Concrete Safaris representative will visit your school and judge the finished project.
Q. How much do materials for the obstacle challenge cost?
A. In order to keep a level playing field for all schools, the obstacle challenge must not cost your school or students (if they are fundraising in support of their project) more than $150. Concrete Safaris cannot provide funds at this time. You are encouraged to obtain reusable materials from local vendors or visit Materials for the Arts for free supplies, if possible.
Q. Where can the obstacle be stored?
A. The obstacle should be made so that it is easy to assemble and can be stored at your school. If you need assistance with storage, please contact the Outdoor Play Coordinator.
Q. How many of the students can participate in the creation of each obstacle challenge?
A. No more than a standard classroom size per obstacle challenge.
Q. Will there be any Concrete Safaris representative available to help?
A. The Outdoor Play Coordinator will be available on a consultation basis but your group will need to problem-solve to develop the obstacle.
Q. Can our school send volunteers on race day?
A. Yes, each school chooses to have as many volunteers to come help with assembling and breaking down the obstacle as well as leading it during the race.
Q. Who is hosting this event?
A. Concrete Safaris is hosting this race. To learn more about our organization, go to www.concretesafaris.org. To learn more about the race, go to www.junglegymrace.com.
Q. What kind of experience do you have hosting events?
A. Concrete Safaris hosts events at our children's gardens multiple times per week in Washington and Jefferson Houses in East Harlem, providing outdoor play and education opportunities for 30 - 500 people per day.
Q. I'd like to bring JungleGym to my neighborhood. How do I get the ball rolling?
A. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with more information about where you'd like the event to take place (parks, streets, combo), what types of activities you'd like to see there, which community partners you already have engaged, and any other pertinent information. We are particularly interested in working with communities above 110th Street in Manhattan. 
Q. Can you create my next event?
A. From birthday parties to bike tours to team building experiences, we can get your colleagues, family, and friends active and outdoors with unique adventures in and around New York City. For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
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